Salvation Army blitz!

Wow we got a lot done today!


Chris and I took 12 boxes to Salvation Army today, in 2 rapid-fire trips.


Here’s the view from the back wall of the storage unit –



And in today’s entry for “Why the *BLEEP* did we pack that,” I give you …


A box of assorted educational CD-ROMS that no computer sold in the last 5 years could even read.  There were some very fancy pens in that box, however.  And Chris elected to keep the blank DVDs and CDs.


And today’s entry for “Shaking my head, questioning my Dad’s sanity,” I give you …

Two copies of the exact same book.  Mind you, we packed these boxes room by room.  Most boxes are labeled.  This box was labeled “Front room.”  So these two books were most likely on the same bookshelf.  Did my Dad enjoy the book so much, he bought a second copy to give away?  Did he forget he already had a copy and re-purchase the book unknowingly?  I will never know.


Honorable mention …


Same book, one in hard-cover, one in paperback.


And a pop-up memory from the time I spent living in Buffalo …



There were over a dozen of these beautifully simple large format classic books.  My Dad and I rescued them all from closing libraries around Buffalo.  Any given Saturday morning, you could find me and my Dad at the loading dock of a beleaguered school, carting away books that would otherwise have been thrown away.  I had my little Ford Ranger at the time, and my Dad had his giant GMC Yukon.  We rescued a lot of books.  Many of them had not been checked out since the 1970’s.

And now they’re at Salvation Army.


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