Donating the china

Today Chris and I took 3 boxes filled with china and a microwave to the Faith in Action office in Chelsea, Michigan.  There were two sweet older ladies being assisted by a man in his 30’s.  Together, we got the boxes into a shed outside their building, which was already filled with clothes, suitcases, and small furniture items.  They were very appreciative of our donation, but I was shocked when the man asked us if the microwave worked.  Apparently some people are confused by the difference between a donation center and a land fill.


I’m really glad to know that we can give all the dishes to people who will need them, and who will get them for free.  I still can’t wrap my head around the notion that my Dad was out there in the world, buying all these cups and plates on purpose to fill up the giant china cabinet, that I’m fairly sure he only bought because it matched the table and chairs he wanted.  Ultimately, I decided to let go of the Fiestaware in favor of keeping the more formal wedding-ish china and the one of a kind clay plates that someone made for my parents as a wedding gift.


Here’s a link to the Faith in Action office if anyone, near or far, would like to know more:

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