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March 11, 2012

I didn’t go to the storage unit last Sunday. A blogger I’ve been following for years came to stay with us as part of his US tour, and I volunteered to drive him to the next stop, which was Minneapolis. I was gone 5 days and I had a great time.
This week, Chris and I dove back in head first and rapidly sorted through at least 10 book boxes. Some went directly into the Salvation Army pile, like the outdated encyclopedias. We filled up another box of Judaica to eventually take to the temple. The wall on the right side is rapidly filling up with books to be sold and books we want to keep. I realized that even after all the sorting and giving away, we still have more books in the “keep” category than some people will ever own or even read.
The comic book project is going to be kept waiting for a while. I called a shop and they asked me to make a complete list of all the titles before they could make me an offer. So … yeah. Not going to happen right this second. And even though there are 20 long boxes filled with comics, they’re still taking up less space than all the regular books and assorted furniture.
Next week we’ll take Chris’s car for it’s superior hauling capacity and do some rapid fire runs to Salvation Army. After that I’d like to get rid of the two particle board bookshelves that are just hanging around.
Tangentially related, ever since I unearthed my My Little Pony collection, I’ve been gradually packing up a few at a time and shipping them off to little girls around the country. I posted my story on reddit and several mothers, teachers, and a new foster family responded to my offer of free ponies. I picked out my 10 favorites from my collection of nearly 100, and box by box, the rest are leaving.

March 19, 2012

Yesterday we reached the back wall of the storage unit!  We can see it!

Of course, there’s still plenty of boxes occupying the middle and front of the storage unit.  Our Salvation Army pile up front consists of at least 15 book boxes now.  We’ve arranged for a Purple Heart pick up Wednesday morning, which I’m extra excited about.  All we have to do is put the boxes on the curb and label them.

This week we brought home a spinning bookshelf to replace Chris’s bedside table, and a box of Judaica books to donate to the temple.

The nearby town of Dexter was on the losing end of a recent thunderstorm/tornado system, so I’m thinking we can help out by donating some of the boxes of dishware to the churches that are helping people to recover from the damage.


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